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Trade in Goods - Second Edition
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Trade in Goods - Second Edition

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Published 31 July 2012 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780199657483. Hard Cover, 944 pages.

Also available in soft cover.

Petros Mavroidis 

  • The definitive work on all aspects of trade in goods by one of the most important experts on international trade 
  • Provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of international trade agreements, such as the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and the WTO Agreement on Safeguards 
  • Explains the fundamental economic rationale for the creation of trade agreements, clarifying the justifications for the current framework of international economic law 
  • Offers thorough analysis of the case law of the WTO's judicial bodies 

New to this edition 

  • Greatly expanded and revised, this second edition now covers all WTO agreements dealing with trade in goods, providing an unequivocal analysis of this area of international law 
  • Reviews the 'new generation' agreements dealing with domestic instruments, such as the agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, and the Agreement on Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Measures 

This new edition of Trade in Goods is an authoritative work on international trade by one of the most influential scholars in the field. It provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of every WTO agreement dealing with trade in goods. 

The focus of the book is on the reasoning behind the various WTO agreements and their provisions, and the manner in which they have been understood in practice. It introduces both the historic as well as the economic rationale for the emergence of the multilateral trading system, before dealing with WTO practice in all areas involving trade in goods. It contests the claim that the international trade agreements themselves represent 'incomplete contracts', realized through interpretation by the WTO and other judicial bodies. 

The book comprehensively analyses the WTO's case law, and it argues that a more rigorous theoretical approach is needed to ensure a greater coherence in the interpretation of the core provisions regulating trade in goods. This second edition readdresses and moves beyond the discussion of the GATT presented in the first edition to assess in significant detail every trade in goods agreement at the WTO, both multilateral as well as plurilateral. The book is written to be accessible to those new to the field, with an authoritiative level of detail and analysis that makes it essential reading for lawyers and economists alike. 

Readership: Scholars and students working in international economic law and the economic analysis of international trade; practitioners and policy-makers working in international trade; economists

Petros Mavroidis, Edwin B. Parker Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, New York

Petros C. Mavroidis teaches WTO Law at EUI (Florence) and the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) on leave from Columbia Law School where he is Edwin B. Parker Professor of Law. He acted as Chief Reporter for the American Law Institute (ALI) project on WTO entitled 'Principles of International Trade: the WTO'. 


"Petros Mavroidis, the leading trade jurist of his generation, has written an astonishingly effective text which has trained large numbers of the best trade lawyers recently, as I can testify having worked with it in Columbia Law School classes where I have co-taught WTO Dispute Settlement Law for some years. The second edition makes it yet better; no rival text comes remotely close in its erudition and its comprehensiveness." - Jagdish Bhagwati, University Professor, Economics and Law, Columbia University

"Petros Mavroidis is to International Trade Law is what Lawrence Tribe is to American Constitutional Law: An exacting law book which is also a penetrating book about the law. Doctrine and theory, text and context, are interwoven into the most authoritative work in the field." - JHH Weiler, Director, the Jean Monnet Centre for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice, NYU School of Law. 

"Petros Mavroidis is one of a handful of GATT/WTO legal scholars with a deep knowledge and understanding of economics and unique for his collaboration with economic scholars. This book offers the best treatment yet of the WTO law in goods trade, which will appeal equally to lawyers and economists. A veritable tour de force!" - André Sapir, Professor of Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Former Economic Advisor to the President of the European Commission

 "The second edition of Petros Mavroidis' treatise on GATT provides an up to date treatment of its core features and leading cases, thoughtfully blending history and legal doctrine with economic considerations that help to explain its logic and structure. Suggestions for reform may be found throughout as well. No serious student of the WTO can afford to be without this book." - Alan O. Sykes, James and Patricia Kowal Professor of Law, Stanford Law School 

Table of Contents

1: From GATT to the WTO 

2: Quantitative Restrictions, Tariffs, and Fees 

3: Most Favoured Nations, Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries, and Preferential Trade Agreements 

4: Domestic Instruments 

5: Deviating from WTO Obligations 

6: Agreements Dealing with Customs Procedures 

7: Contingent Protection and Antidumping 

8: Subsidies

9: Safeguards and Continent Protection Revisited 

10: Technical Barriers to Trade and the Agreement on Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Measures 

11: The Agreement on Agriculture and the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing 

12: Government Procurement

13: Transparency 


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