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Unconscionable Conduct in Australian Consumer and Commercial Contracts
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Unconscionable Conduct in Australian Consumer and Commercial Contracts

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ISBN 9780409343557 NEW RELEASE August 2018

Written by Dr Michelle Sharpe, Unconscionable Conduct in Australian Consumer and Commercial Contracts provides legal practitioners with a detailed and practical guide through the often murky and confusing law relating to unconscionable advantage-taking by one contracting party over another.

Contracts for the supply of goods and services form the basis of our modern free economy. The pervading policy of modern contract law is that parties are free to contract for the supply of goods and services on whatever terms they think fit. This freedom of contract may appear to be curtailed by certain contract law doctrines and consumer protection legislation. This book provides a detailed and up-to-date account of the law including current cases and legislation, as well as explaining how the relevant common law and equitable doctrines fit within contract law and the pervading policy of freedom of contract, and the rationale behind the relevant consumer protection legislation.



• Detailed and practical account of the law
• Plain English explanations of complex concepts
• Accessible and convenient reference


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Dr Michelle Sharpe is a barrister practising in general commercial and regulatory law.


1. Conscience in Contract Law
2. Duress
3. Undue Influence
4. Unconscionable Conduct
5. Legislative Proscriptions on Unconscionable Conduct, Unjust Contracts and Unfair Terms 
6. Defences and Remedies

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