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Understanding National eConveyancing
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Understanding National eConveyancing

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To be published Nov 2013 (LexisNexis) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9780409336269. Soft Cover.

Understanding National eConveyancing provides an introductory look at the legal and procedural matters underlying a new statutory regime, National eConveyancing.

Understanding National eConveyancing includes a discussion regarding, the legal framework for National Electronic Conveyancing, requirements for participation in National Electronic Conveyancing, Electronic Conveyancing National Law Model participation rules, treatment of Certificates of Title in concurrent electronic and paper conveyancing, the background to e-conveyancing, The platform: PEXA and the benefits and requirements for practitioners.

With a comprehensive background and overview by Peter Rosier, followed by a print out of essential National eConveyancing legislation, Participation and Operating Rules for electronic conveyancing, this text is an indispensable reference for anyone affected by these changes.

This book is designed to help those who will find it of greatest benefit to understand the system, the legal framework and how it works in practice.

• A comprehensive overview of the new eConveyancing regime, enabling you to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and processes
• Easy to understand guide to the new regime.
• Reproduction of National eConveyancing legislation together with the Participation and Operating Rules.

Peter Rosier has a private practice specialising in the area of property law. Peter has practiced in property law since1973 and is an Accredited Specialist. Peter is a member of the Law Society of NSW Property Law Committee and has been largely involved in the advisory group for the implementation of the new eConveyancing regime.

Part 1 Background and overview of the Electronic Conveyancing National Law

Chapter 1 - What is electronic conveyancing (and what is it not)?
Chapter 2 - A short summary of how NECS will work
Chapter 3 - The benefits of a national electronic conveyancing system
Chapter 4 - Who's who in NECS
Chapter 5 - The legal framework
Chapter 6 - Model Operating Requirements
Chapter 7 - Certificates of title in NECS

Part 2 - Primary Materials

Electronic Conveyancing National Law 
Model Participation Rules and Schedule
Model Operating Rules 

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