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Uniform Evidence in Australia
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Uniform Evidence in Australia

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Published Sep 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409334685. Soft Cover.

Williams, N; Anderson, J; Marychurch, J; Roy, J

Uniform Evidence in Australia provides a comprehensive multi-jurisdictional commentary and annotation to the uniform Evidence Acts of the Commonwealth, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and NT.

This book offers a user-friendly approach that combines commentary on the operation of the uniform Acts in each jurisdiction with a synthesis of the large body of cases, rules and related legislation. Understanding of the Acts’ operation and interpretation is further enhanced by reference to the common law principles that are enshrined in, replaced or supplemented by individual provisions.

Relevant practice notes and examples are included. For ease of navigation, the commentary to each provision includes extensive cross-references to other provisions that may impact on a particular issue, and the book includes a useful Glossary based on Act and common law terminology.

The authors examine recurring challenges in the construction and application of the legislation, including the extent to which it is necessary or proper to resort to pre-Act case law. In so doing, they highlight and explore the tension between the prescriptive nature of some sections and the apparent reliance of others upon pre-existing common law principles.

Significant recent developments that are addressed include:

     •     differing approaches to the assessment of probative value in NSW and Victoria;
     •     multiple High Court decisions on opinion evidence;
     •     the introduction in NSW of the modified right to silence;
     •     the substantial volume of recent appellate case law on tendency and coincidence evidence, including an extensive analysis of relationship evidence; and
     •     jurisdictionally varying amendments to the privilege provisions.


     •     Commentary follows the legislative structure of the unform Evidence Acts
     •     Includes the legislation from all six uniform jurisdictions
     •     Clear, concise analysis with plentiful examples 
     •     Frequent cross-references to other relevant sections facilitates familiarity with the Evidence Act as a body of law, rather than each section in isolation.


Neil Williams is a Senior Counsel at the NSW Bar. He has a wide practice particularly in public law, environmental law, tax and federal criminal law. He is the convenor of the Public Law Section of the NSW Bar.

John Anderson is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Newcastle. He has published widely, with a focus on evidence, criminal law and sentencing.

Judith Marychurch is a Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning at the Melbourne Law School. She specialises in corporate and evidence law, as well as the legal issues relating to forensic accounting.

Julia Roy is a barrister at the NSW Bar practising primarily in commercial law, criminal law and public law.


     •     Introduction
     •     Introduction to the Evidence Act 2001 (Tas)
     •     Uniform Evidence Acts and commentary
     •     Glossary
     •     Appendix A: Table — ALRC Reports: Commentaries and draft Bills
     •     Appendices B-G: Evidence Regulations

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