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Workplace Bullying
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Workplace Bullying

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Published Sept 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409339093.

Catanzariti, J & Egan, K

Workplace Bullying examines this issue from a legal and psychological standpoint while offering guidance on identifying and managing incidents and investigations in the work environment.

In the past, the issue of workplace bullying was often examined from a psychological perspective but there was little consideration of the legal implications. This changed dramatically in 2013 with the advent of the bullying provisions in the Fair Work Act 2009 as well as the creation of the power for the Fair Work Commission to deal with workplace bullying complaints.

This essential and concise guide explores both the psychology of workplace bullying as well as the legal environment in which it occurs. The authors define what is workplace bullying is while examining the complexity of factors which contribute to such behaviour and the conditions that can lead to a toxic work environment. Offering an overview of the risks and liabilities (legal and non-legal) involved, practical advice on how to deal with such situations and an overview of general risk management through grievance procedures, this book is an essential tool for all lawyers, HR professionals and professionals who work in this area.



     •     Unique psychological and legal perspective
     •     Practical and concise
     •     Expert advice
     •     Applicable to HR professionals, in-house counsel and practitioners in private practice
     •     Includes case studies and examples


Joseph Catanzariti is a Vice President of the Fair Work Commission and was formerly lead Partner for the National Clayton Utz Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety Practice Group. Joseph is a Visiting Professorial Fellow of the School of Law and the Faculty of Law at the UNSW, and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business at Sydney University and the Chair of the College of Law. He has previously held the positions of President of the Law Council of Australia, President of the Law Society of New South Wales, Chair of the Workplace Committee of the Law Society of New South Wales (2000 - 2013), and Secretary of the Industrial Relations Society of Australia (1997-2011). 

Keryl Egan is a registered clinical psychologist and educator. She is a member of the Clinical College in the Australian Psychological Society and of the Australian Clinical Psychologists Association. She has a special interest in people's relationship to their work, the meaning it has for them and how they can maximise their capabilities and work satisfaction. She has presented extensively on bullying and toxic cultures. Keryl is a member of Adjunct Faculty at the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW.




Part I

     1.     Workplace Bullying Definitional Issues
     2.     Legal Risk
     3.     The Mechanism of Bullying
     4.     Personality, Motivations, Strategies
     5.     Contexts Causes and Consequences
     6.     Managing Workplace Bullying
     7.     Intervention and Prevention
     8.     Role of the Fair work Commission

Part II

Useful Documents (including legislation, forms, resources)

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