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Zuckerman on Civil Procedure: Principles of Practice, 3rd Edition

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To be published Oct 2012 (Sweet & Maxwell) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9781847039606. Hard Cover.

Author: Adrian Zuckerman 

Zuckerman on Civil Procedure provides a coherent and detailed account of the CPR system intended to facilitate a thorough understanding of how the courts interpret and apply the rules. The work looks at the principles that govern the exercise of judicial discretion in light of the overriding objective. and details how judges exercise their extensive case management powers and what this means for the conduct of litigation. 

  • Provides an interpretation of the grey areas of the CPR, particularly: 
  1. Service 
  2. Legal professional privilege 
  3. Privilege against self-incrimination, 
  4. Implications of the European Convention on Human Rights 
  5. The exercise of discretion in relation to enforcing compliance with time limits 
  6. Costs 
  • Compliments the White Book, outlining the significance of leading cases, highlighting current trends in judicial thinking and suggesting solutions to problems which have no clear answer 
  • Outlines the significance of leading cases 
  • Highlights current trends in judicial thinking 
  • Suggests solutions to problems that have no clear or satisfactory answer 
  • Looks backwards to precedents but will also provide arguments for pushing the law in certain directions 
  • Explains how the court uses its discretionary powers 
  • Provides the principles necessary for mounting arguments in areas where the law is uncertain 

  • Legal aid 
  • EU procedures for enforcement judgments 
  • EU & money-laundering 
  • ASBOs 
  • Proceedings for the confiscation of proceeds of crime 
  • Update on fundamental changes to Part 36 (protection from costs) 
  • Update on case law (more than 250 new cases) 
  • Further debate on costs and CFAs 
"Should be in the library of anyone who is a serious civil litigation practitioner" – Civil Justice Quarterly 

"This is the book the judges read." – The Litigation Letter 

Zuckerman on Civil Procedure presents a clear and thematic analysis of litigation under the Civil Procedure Rules system. It shows in detail how the courts interpret and apply the Rules, the principles that govern the exercise of judicial discretion, how judges exercise their extensive case management powers and what these mean for the conduct of litigation.

Jurisdiction: Commonwealth 


1. The overriding objective of the new Civil Procedure Rules

2. The right to fair trial 

3. Commencement of proceedings 

4. Service 

5. Defendant’s acknowledgement of service, admission and challenge to the jurisdiction 

6. Statements of case – defining the controversy 

7. The application procedure 

8. Disposal without trial 

9. Interim Remedies – injunctions, interim payment, security for costs 

10. Court management and party compliance 

11. Procedural tracks 

12. Joining claims and parties 

13. Discontinuance and stays 

14. Disclosure 

15. Legal professional privilege 

16. Without prejudice communications 

17. The privilege against self incrimination 

18. Public interest immunity 

19. Witness statements 

20. Experts and assessors 

21. Trial and evidence 

22. Judgment and orders 

23. Appeal 

24. Finality of litigation 

25. Obtaining protection from costs by CPR 36 and offers to settle 

26. Costs

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