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internet.law.nz, 3rd edition
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internet.law.nz, 3rd edition

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Published Nov 2011 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9781877511974. Soft Cover.

Author(s): Judge David Harvey 

Internet.law.nz explores the widespread and significant impacts of the internet within and between legal jurisdictions. Judge David Harvey analyses the effects of the internet on copyright, tortious liability, evidence, and criminal law, as well as attempts to monitor and govern it. 

This book provides students, researchers, and legal practitioners with a formidable study of this fast-moving area of law, it considers substantial recent changes in technology, statute, and case law. The new edition covers areas that have garnered significant public and judicial interest since the second edition, including privacy issues and social networking. It also looks at how legal systems interact within information technologies, particularly the disclosure of information within the Court process. 

Chapter 1 - Online information and research: some issues 

 Chapter 2 - Jurisdiction ? which Court, which law? 

 Chapter 3 - Internet governance 

 Chapter 4 - Criminal law 

 Chapter 5 - Pre-trial evidential discovery

 Chapter 6 - Information technologies in Court 

 Chapter 7 - Tortious liability and network systems 

 Chapter 8 - Online business relationships ? ecommerce, contract formation and the Electronic Transactions Act 

 Chapter 9 - Copyright in cyberspace

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